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No. 91: Greatest Clippers of All-Time: Eric Bledsoe

Chris Paul’s backup point guard

Los Angeles Clippers v Boston Celtics Photo by Chris Elise/Getty Images

Eric Bledsoe

Time with Clippers: 2010-2013

Stats: 6.7 PPG, 3.0 APG, 2.6 RPG, 1.2 SPG, 43.1 FG%, 19.6 MPG, 197 games

Win Shares: 4.2

Eric Bledsoe spent the first three seasons of his career with the Clippers. As the backup point guard to Chris Paul, Bledsoe was a perfect fit for LA. He appeared in 197 total games, but only got the start in 38 of them.

Everyone knew of Bledsoe’s talent, and knew that eventually the Clippers wouldn’t be able to bring him back, but that didn’t slow him down as he gave 110 percent on a nightly basis. Though his numbers didn’t pop off the charts, Bledsoe seemingly made impacts on both ends of the ball every game.

His per 36 had him averaging 12 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals a game, numbers that you would take any day out of your point guard.

Bledsoe’s best season as a Clipper came in his third and final year. In only 20 minutes a game, he averaged nearly nine points, three rebounds, three assists and almost two steals a game. He also shot just under 40 percent from deep.

Though he’s a tad taller than six fleet, Bledsoe was also a force to be reckoned with on the glass. In his three years with the Clips, Bledsoe had 95 blocks, essentially getting one every two games. Again, not bad for a guy who is just about six feet tall.

The Clippers, knowing they’d be unable to retain him, were able to get solid value back for their young point guard. They traded him to the Phoenix Suns as part of a three-team trade with the Milwaukee Bucks. In the deal, the Clippers acquired Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick.

Here are some of Bledsoe’s top plays while in Los Angeles.

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