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Clippings: Patrick Beverley hasn’t been back to Clippers practice facility yet

Guard opens up about process of opening back up.

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LA Clippers Open Practice Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Beverley is excited to get back to playing for the Los Angeles Clippers and still has his sights on winning the NBA Championship this season, but he hasn’t been to the team facility since that officially opened back up during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Oh, I’m not in the building, I’ll tell you that,” Beverley told Scott Van Pelt on Wednesday’s SportsCenter. “I’m going to wait until I find out some more important details about exactly what’s going on before I put my family’s safety at risk by going to the facility.”

Even though he didn’t want to be one of the first to make use of the facility, Beverley appeared to catch himself and endorse the opening up process for practice facilities in general.

“But it’s the cleanest place in L.A., the facility is, but I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I’m eager to play, ready to play, excited to play, I just want things to kind of calm down a little bit more and kind of go back to normal before we get to jump in cold tubs and hot tubs, laundry being done and all that type of stuff. I want to be prepared — it’s not for my health, but for the people I interact with, friends and family,” he said.

Beverley expressed some frustration with the waiting game. While the NBA is expected to finalize a plan in the coming weeks, the Clippers guard is ready to get official word from the league.

“I’m eager to get back out there. We ready to go, baby, we just waiting on the NBA, check ball, NBA, we waiting on y’all,” he said.

“It’s just sad that we gotta hear about things happening in our workplace and stuff like that via Twitter. It’s good, it’s entertainment, it’s fun, but [I] just want more communication. Let us know, don’t just string us along. If the NBA starts, if the NBA’s finished, just let us know. I challenge the NBA: We put blood, sweat and tears for this league and we feel like this should be a certain line of respect, we should be knowing what’s going on,” Beverley added.

You can watch the interview below:

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