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Clippings: “Blackballed” will revisit the end the Donald Sterling era

The Quibi series is set to premiere on May 11.

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

“The Last Dance” has commanded the NBA community’s attention over the past few weeks, the perfect storm of nostalgia combined with a captive audience. A new documentary series about a pivotal moment in Clippers history has a chance to make its own mark next week.

The Quibi series “Blackballed” premieres on May 11, as you may have noticed from multiple commercials during Sunday’s airing of “The Last Dance”. “Blackballed” doesn’t center around a legendary individual, however; its focus is on the infamous Donald Sterling, specifically the five days after the audio of him speaking to V. Stiviano leaked.

Sterling was widely known to be a repugnant human being who presided over a truly awful stretch of basketball in Clippers franchise history. But the audio that surfaced on that fateful April 25 proved to be a turning point, as Sterling was banned from the NBA within five days. The documentary will track what happened in the time between those two events.

The Clippers were in the midst of a playoff series against the Golden State Warriors and contemplated boycotting Game 4 to make a statement against the racist attitudes put forth by Sterling in the leaked audio. They ended up making a silent protest by warming up with no Clippers logos visible on their gear, but the actions of Doc Rivers and the players resonated around the league. It was a moment in time I’ll never forget, and I’m sure many Clippers fans feel the same.

ESPN released “The Sterling Affairs” in 2019, a five-part podcast series about the scandal that brought down Sterling. Hopefully, this documentary shines some new insight into what the Clippers organization went through during that climactic period.

Here’s the trailer.

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