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16 NBA players test positive for Coronavirus

302 players were tested in total

NBA Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

On June 23, the NBA tested 302 NBA players that will be going to Orlando for the restart of the NBA season. Today, the results came back, and 16 players tested positive for Coronavirus. There is no official word on if any of the positive results were Clippers players.

That numbers comes out to just under 5.3 percent of players. Though the ideal result would have been zero players testing positive, 16 is definitely a low number and a positive sign that the NBA has a greater chance of coming back. Any player who tested positive will remain in self-isolation until he satisfies public health protocols for discontinuing isolation and has been cleared by a physician.

The NBA is projected to resume a little over a month from now.