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No. 76: Greatest Clippers of All-Time: Don May

A real mystery

Don May

Time with Clippers: 1970-1971

Stats: 20.2 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 2.0 APG, 76 G, 35.1 MPG, 47.1 FG%

Win Shares: 6.1

Don May spent one season with the Buffalo Braves, and it was actually during the first season of the franchise back in 1970. It’s a pretty interesting season to look back on, as May averaged 20 points a game with the Braves.

What’s so odd about him averaging 20 points was the fact that it was the only time he ever averaged more than 12 points during his career. Overall, he only averaged 8.8 points a game in 379 career games. However, in his lone season with the Braves, he was a scoring machine.

In the Braves’ first ever game, May dropped 24 points in the victory. The first thing he talked about during the postgame was the great defense his team played. Per “The Buffalo News”:

“I thought it was impressive,” said May, the game’s high scorer with 24 points. “When I was with the Knicks our goal was to hold the other team under 100. We considered that a super performance and I think you have to gauge it the same way here.”

This was the only real image I could find of Don May. His legend continues!

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