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Shamet, Zubac, and Morris still yet to join Clippers in Orlando

The team had no updates on if or when any of the three will arrive in the bubble.

Memphis Grizzlies v LA Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Doc Rivers famously refuses to share any injury information regarding the Clippers, and his go-to excuse is that he simply doesn’t ask the medical staff for any details.

That strategy has proved prescient for the current national climate, when it is of utmost importance to protect players’ privacy regarding their health. Rivers can’t disclose any medical information if he doesn’t know it.

So when Rivers says that JaMychal Green surprised him when he walked into practice today — that the Clippers coach didn’t know Green had finished his Orlando self-isolation — it’s par for the course.

“I don’t even know to be honest yet,” Rivers said Tuesday when asked about the status of the remaining Clippers. “I don’t check. To be honest, JaMychal walked in and surprised the hell out of me. Because they’re in quarantine and stuff, you don’t ever know.”

Green is the latest Clipper to join the team after missing the initial trip to the NBA campus site. The Clippers are now still without Landry Shamet, Ivica Zubac, and Marcus Morris. Shamet tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, and Zubac has been excused for family issues thus far, but Tuesday’s press conference was the first time anyone of the team has acknowledged Morris’ absence.

It is worth nothing that Markieff Morris has also not been spotted in the bubble. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel declined to respond Tuesday when asked if Morris was with the team in the bubble. That leaves two twins unaccounted for, and no reason for their absence. Hopefully, both of them are doing well and able to finish out the season with their respective teams.

As for the other two Clippers, we have no update on Shamet’s health or what stage of the coronavirus protocol he is in. The second-year guard hasn’t posted on social media since he tested positive. Meanwhile, Joakim Noah seemingly hinted at Zubac’s arrival on Instagram yesterday.

The team made it clear that everyone planned to go to Orlando and that there were no opt outs, so ideally the roster will be full present soon. The Clippers have tremendous depth, but down two starters is a precarious situation for any team. Not even Rivers’ obfuscation could hide that fact.