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Clippings: Getting back into the meme game

Plus, news and notes around the NBA.

NBA Europe Live Tour 2007 Rome
This is a cake
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Listen, the coronavirus shutdown was weird. It was weird for you, it was weird for those of us who cover the team, and it was weird for the teams themselves.

But I’ve noticed the LA Clippers, with the gang back together and presumably new content to produce, have stepped up their meme game this week.

There’s the “These are all cake” meme, which while the meme is getting old fast, is funny for the deadpan expression on Patrick Beverley’s face.

Got a dad joke, bonus points for being about Kawhi Leonard.

A math nerd’s #Facts.

And EZ/underground/upside down Lou Williams.

Memes and teams (I didn’t mean that rhyme) don’t always go together, but when a team uses them well, it makes them fun and relatable to internet culture. We’ll see what the Clips drop next.

Ok, some real news for Friday:

  • PatBev on Redick’s podcast: Beverley was on JJ Redick’s podcast Thursday, with the conversation going in several different directions, as you’d probably expect with these two players chatting.
  • Zion departs bubble: New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson suddenly departed Orlando for an “urgent family medical matter,” according to the team. The Clippers are scheduled to play the Pelicans Aug. 1, and Williamson is expected back before then.
  • Noah an intriguing return: New Clipper Joakim Noah is among seven players highlighted by The Ringer for potentially playing an outsize or new role in the NBA restart.
  • Creature comforts for hotel living: We know about Beverley’s white T-shirts, and Montrezl Harrell brought a portable sauna (which I just learned was a thing). Other players around the NBA talked about the shoes, toys and apparently a suitcase full of protein bars they brought along with them, according to this ESPN profile.
  • Bledsoe tests positive: Former Clipper Eric Bledsoe, now with the Milwaukee Bucks, has tested positive for coronavirus and has not yet traveled to Orlando yet. He says he asymptomatic and feels fine.
  • 50 best players? ESPN have dropped a ranking of the 50 top players in the bubble that I’m sure is in no way controversial.