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Clippings: Two Sixth Man of the Year candidates for the Clippers?

Could they both win? Split the vote?

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Orlando Magic v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The L.A. Clippers have two bona fide Sixth Man of the Year contenders (which raises the paradox that you can’t truly have two sixth men, but anyway) in Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell. Doc Rivers’ wish? That the teammates somehow both get the award this season.

“I don’t even know with the award stuff — I never do,” Rivers told reporters after Wednesday’s opening scrimmage against the Orlando Magic. “I’m the worst guy to ask, as you know. But as far as those two getting the award together, as a coach, that would be a dream for me. I would love that. I would love to see that. I think it would be a great statement, too.”

It could be great for the Clippers, but because of how voting works these days, it’s pretty unlikely, with eligible voters now picking three top candidates for each award. That means the combination needed to produce a tie is not impossible, but close to it.

Williams, who has three NBA Sixth Man of the Year awards already, lobbied for Harrell, seven years his junior, to nab the honor this season for the first time.

“I made a comment on my Twitter yesterday about what Trez and I have been able to accomplish, and I made the comment based on I don’t have anything else to do around here. So I was on my phone and I was looking at the predictions that everybody was tagging me in and I was a little disappointed because Trez, he made history, over the years, we’ve made history, and we’re on the No. 2 team in the West. We’ve sacrificed and we’ve still been able to be successful, and as for conversation —whatever reason, we are not one of the top guys in that conversation. I thought that was a little weird, but I feel like we both deserve it. I really would love to share that award with Trez, and if not share it, I say give it to him outright.”

Here’s the comment on Twitter Williams referenced, building up the cases of him and Harrell.

There’s another factor to consider in all of this: Two teammates end up splitting the vote and the award goes to another player entirely. We’ll see!

News for Friday:

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  • Spurs weigh in on “asterisk” talk: I’ve found the idea that the shortened season means there should be an asterisk (meaning the title is less significant, or not as impressive as a “regular” title) on a title won in any sport, including the NBA, pretty unfair. Not like any of us chose this pandemic to happen! And this feature in ESPN talking to the 1999 San Antonio Spurs team that won the NBA title argues the opposite — the team that wins this season should get more credit for doing it, not less.
  • John Hollinger’s theoretical NBA awards ballot: The columnist at The Athletic says he doesn’t vote for NBA awards, but his ballot, aside from Kawhi Leonard, isn’t too kind to the Clippers overall.