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Marcus Morris Sr. isn’t concerned about his numbers

His main focus is winning

Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Prior to coming to the Clippers at the trade deadline, Marcus Morris Sr. was averaging a career-high 19.6 points per game. He was also shooting just under 44 percent from deep, a career-best as well. Since joining his new team, his numbers have taken quite a hit.

Though a small sample size, Morris Sr. is averaging only 10 points a game with LA, almost half of what he was doing in New York. Now, it’s a completely different role than with the Knicks. In NY, Morris Sr. was essentially the first option when it came to scoring. With the Clips, he’s either the third or fourth.

With his points going down, his percentages have gone down too. He’s shooting 31 percent from deep, his worst percentage since he was with the Suns in 2013. Though his numbers have taken a hit, Morris Sr. isn’t at all concerned. His biggest priority is doing whatever it takes to win games for the Clippers.

“My role is to do everything, defend any position they put me on, defend guys like Kawhi and PG which are great scorers in the league space, and be the guy that can score, too, when it’s time for me to get my touches.” Morris Sr. said. “Like I said, man, the focus is not on scoring, it’s about winning. I know what I can do. I’ve been doing it for nine years in this league. I’m in a great place with a great organization. I’m taking on whatever role on a nightly basis that’s needed, if it’s defending, if it’s scoring, if it’s just being a vocal leader and doing the dirty work, I’m all in.”

The Clippers are 12-7 with Morris when he plays, and he’s a +8.8 when he’s on the court. When asked about his first game in the bubble against the Lakers, Morris Sr. was quick to point out that him shooting 0-for-4 didn’t mean anything, he was a +10 in the box score. So, although the Clippers lost that game, they were a much better team when he was on the court, and that’s what he wants to bring.

Since that game against the Lakers, Morris Sr. has really found himself in a groove and has played arguably his best basketball while with the Clippers. Over the last six games he’s averaging 13 points and 4.5 rebounds a game, all while shooting 43 percent from deep. He had a four-game stretch where he averaged 15.5 points a game and was knocking down 58 percent of his shots from deep.

“I know my role on this team,” Morris Sr. said. “I know what the team needs me to do; whether I have 0 or 20 points and we win, that’s the biggest goal.”