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You shouldn’t be worried about Paul George

He’s struggled over the last two games, but that’s okay

Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Clippers aren’t worried about Paul George.

Paul George isn’t worried about Paul George.

You shouldn’t be worried about Paul George.

In Friday night’s Game 3 victory over the Mavericks, a lot of the attention was on the 30-year-old George. He finished the game with only 11 points. He shot 3-of-16 from the field, and 1-of-8 from deep.

After scoring 27 points in game 1, George has scored only 25 points over the last two games. During this skid, he’s shot 7-of-33 from the field and 3-of-18 from deep. He knows he’s not making shots. Hell, the whole world knows he’s not making shots.

“Yeah, I’m not worried about it,” head coach Doc Rivers said when asked about George’s struggles. “He’s a great player. He’s human. I can tell you this, I can guarantee you this, he has not forgotten how to shoot. It will fall for him. It’s funny, that last bucket of the game, he made a layup. Saw the ball go in. That’s probably going to be a carryover for the next game for him.”

After his incredible 36-point performance, Kawhi Leonard was asked about his teammate following the game. He said he knows the Clippers can continue to win, even if George struggles to shoot the ball.

“We’re confident it’s going to turn around for him,” Leonard said. “We got his back.”

It’s almost as if there is more to the game than scoring the ball. Oh wait, there is, and George is making sure to contribute on all ends even when he can’t score. On Friday, George finished with nine rebounds, tied for the team-high, along with seven assists, the second most on the team. He also added two steals. Although he didn’t shoot well in Game 2, he still added 10 rebounds, two assists and a block.

“I’m struggling scoring the ball, it is what it is,” George said to the media following the game. “It didn’t affect us winning tonight. I’m going to continue to get lost in the game, whether I make or miss shots. Continue to be aggressive, get guys looks. Just play the game.

“I’ve always said scoring the ball is not what I do. I try to do everything, I try to play the game the right way. Pass the ball, make plays defensively, rebound the ball. Just a little bit of everything. I’m going through a tough time. The good thing is, we’re up 2-1 and I haven’t shot the ball well.”

He’s right. The Clippers are leading the series 2-1, and he hasn’t played well the last two games. On Wednesday night in Game 2, it seemed as if George was missing wide-open shot after wide-open shot. If just a few of those fall, the Clippers are potentially looking to sweep the Mavericks tomorrow afternoon.

This Clippers team is deep enough where they don’t need to rely on 25+ points a night from George. However, if they get it from him, they’re practically impossible to beat.

“I’m no James Harden, that’s not my knack to score the ball,” George said. “I can, and I pride myself on being effective on both ends. Theres going to be nights like this where I can’t make a shot. I can’t allow that to affect my game. I still have to be aggressive and make plays. I’m doing to do everything I can to win a ballgame. I’m not going to make shots but I got to find a way to make an impact.”

Just like I said earlier,

The Clippers aren’t worried about Paul George.

Paul George isn’t worried about Paul George.

You shouldn’t be worried about Paul George.