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Reports: NBA playoffs set to resume as early as Friday

The players want to finish what they’ve started

Dallas Mavericks v LA Clippers - Game Five Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

According to multiple reports, the NBA players have decided to resume the postseason.

Wednesday was a historic day in the NBA, as all three games were postponed due to the players and teams boycotting as a result of what happened in Wisconsin with Jacob Blake. Last night there was a meeting on campus that featured every player, that reportedly lasted several hours.

The Clippers and Lakers both walked out, deciding to boycott the remainder of the playoffs. They were the only two teams to do so. If you’d like to get caught up with everything that happened last night, you can click here to read more information.

Fast forward to this morning, it looks like the NBA will push forward and try to finish the season. The games that were planned for today will be postponed, but it looks like we can see games resume as early as Friday.

There will be another meeting today, that will feature two players from every team. According to reports, players today in the meeting discussed the sacrifices all of them have made to reach this point in the postseason, and sense of normalcy returning with families entering Disney Campus. Players who voted not to play on Wednesday night understood.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, there is a meeting of NBA owners and players set for later today. The discussion is expected to include plans of action moving forward on social justice issues.

As of right now, there is no official word as to whether or not the Clippers and Lakers will end their boycott of the playoffs, however, based on the information coming out this morning, it looks like we can potentially see both teams resuming their season.

We will keep you updated throughout the remainder of the day when new information becomes available.