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The fans have spoken: Keep the polos!

The SB Nation community agrees that coaches should get to be casual.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

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The debut of NBA basketball in the Orlando bubble has brought some new elements to the viewing experience for fans, including one that is particularly near and dear to my heart — a relaxed dress code for the coaching staffs. The latest SB Nation Reacts survey indicates that the majority of fans are in favor of allowing coaches their sartorial freedom.

That isn’t the only change that fans are in favor of regarding bubble basketball. Virtual fans are a hit, as are the new camera angles.

I question the preference of the camera angles, because it bothers me significantly that we can only see the view from one sideline, and the baseline angles have been a disaster. You’d think cameras would be able to easily socially distance from the players and coaches, but it appears the NBA was significantly limited in where it could set up cameras for its broadcasts. Clearly, the refs have additional camera angles they can go to for reviews — let the fans see these, too!

There were more mixed reviews regarding the pumped in crowd noise. The plurality of fans don’t seem to notice the added sound effects, but this is actually the part of the viewing experience that has been the most disappointing for me. While watching WNBA games, and even the NBA scrimmages, it has been such a treat to hear the players and coaches talking with one another. The fake crowd noise, and the obscenely loud sneaker squeaks, make that near impossible. Hopefully, the league addresses this before the postseason.

What do you think of the bubble basketball viewing experience? Are there any changes that you would like to revert to normal, or are there new elements you would like to be added to the broadcast? Let us know!