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Clippings: JaMychal Green still coming to terms with playoff exit

The confusion and pain run deep.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets - Game Six Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s been over a week, but the LA Clippers’ exit from the 2020 NBA Playoffs earlier than expected is still a shock in many ways.

Unsurprisingly, the players are still dealing with the shock loss to the Denver Nuggets in a seven-game series. Forward JaMychal Green took to Instagram Thursday wondering how the Clips got bounced from the playoffs.

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Still don’t know how tf we lost

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Green 30, has been a solid depth player for the Clippers and depending on the matchup has played his way to more time now and then. He does a job and seems like a player who can have a future with the Clippers, but given how the season ended, there could be big moves in the offseason. We’ll see what’s in store for Green as well as the rest of the roster.

Here’s some news for Friday:

  • Clippers high on “panic meter:” Among teams eliminated from the playoffs, the Clippers have among the most reason to panic at present, says The Athletic.
  • Nurse set to stay in Toronto: Nick Nurse is a coaching star at this point, and the Toronto Raptors head coach just signed an extension with a lame duck year on the horizon. He explained why he re-upped with the Raptors in his first remarks to the press after the deal.
  • Donovan takes helm of Bulls: Billy Donovan is the latest man to try his hand at the Chicago Bulls head coach role. Aside from a brief moment under Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls have been awful since Phil Jackson left, so good luck and so forth, Donovan will probably need it.
  • Harrell on charges related to Breonna Taylor’s death: Montrezl Harrell knows Louisville, Kentucky well, having played his NCAA ball there, and he weighed in on the announcement of charges filed related to Breonna Taylor’s death earlier this year.
  • Ballmer and other team owners’ political contributions: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has donated by far the most among NBA team owners in the last five years to political campaigns and candidates, and The Ringer has a useful infographic (and full story) breaking down how much and to which political party(s) among those team owners.