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Kawhi Leonard and his extraordinarily long finger had the block of the playoffs - now you can wear it on a T-shirt

An unforgettable NBA moment is immortalized by BreakingT clothing

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The Clippers won Game 3 thanks to a stifling defensive effort in the fourth quarter that limited Denver to 19 points in the final period. Perhaps no single play was more emblematic of that effort than Kawhi Leonard’s block on Jamal Murray’s driving dunk with less than two minutes to play.

The timing of the block was impressive in and of itself, but then replays showed (and Reggie Miller repeatedly reiterated) that Leonard completed the block with just one finger — his middle one. As Paul George said after the game, “That’s an extra long middle finger.”

Now, you can celebrate one of the great defensive plays in recent Clippers history by rocking “The Finger Block” T-Shirt from BreakingT. Check your size, smash that buy button, and remind everyone that Kawhi plays better defense with one finger than most people do with their entire hands.