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Clippings: New survey reveals Clipper fans like to spend big

Especially when it comes to our food, drinks, and merchandise.

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The professional sports experience for a fan includes more than just the game itself—expensive concessions, exclusive team gear, and the notorious t-shirt cannon are difficult to miss when watching your favorite team at the arena. Now, a new survey by FinanceBuzz shows how Clipper fans take advantage of the entire basketball experience, marked by their spending.

Overall, Clipper fans rank among the the top ten fanbases in the NBA in terms of spending. This includes money put towards team merchandise, stadium concessions, and alcoholic beverages, all of which Clipper fans spend more than the league average. While the league average for spending on in-arena food and drink amounts to just $68.17, Clipper fans spend a whopping $146.35 to top the charts across the league, with Golden State trailing in second place by just over $15. There is an even more significant disparity in spending on alcoholic beverages, with Clipper fans spending $54.24 per game compared to the league average of $22.65.

Putting these financial statistics into consideration, the Clippers’ recent business ventures make perfect sense. The efficient food and concessions system featured in the Intuit Dome will make it easier for fans to enjoy snacks and refreshments while minimizing the amount of time spent out of their seats. Additionally, the recent partnership with Aspiration could lead to a positive environmental impact above expectations, with money spent by fans contributing to environmentally-friendly initiatives and community engagement.

While these are interesting takeaways from the survey, it’s impossible to pin down the true reasons behind these disparities in spending. Forces outside of basketball organizations undoubtedly contribute to these major differences—a quick look at the survey shows California-based teams among the top spenders in most categories. Perhaps that speaks to the success of west coast teams in recent years, but it may also point to the higher prices in general in California’s multiple metropolises.

Regardless, Clipper fans are big spenders in the arena, and from looking at those numbers with alcoholic beverage purchases, let’s just make sure to get back home from STAPLES safely.

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