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Clippings: The Clippers are going old school with their latest City Edition jerseys

There are little bits of history all throughout the team’s newest uniform.

For the past two seasons, the Clippers have embraced their Los Angeles identity in their City Edition uniforms, understandably so, considering the moniker.

This year, the Clippers are expanding on that idea. Rather than the City Edition jerseys only being reflective of the team’s current city, this season’s uniforms tie together elements from every location that the franchise has taken residence in throughout its history.

At first glance, these jerseys bear a strong resemblance to the 2017-18 City Editions, but the new ones differ in several key respects. The change that stands out most to me is the font: “Clippers” is written in the same cursive script from the team’s jerseys in the early 2000s.

The new uniforms also incorporate nods to the franchise’s Buffalo days and other eras in Clippers history. Per the team’s release:

“The franchise’s roots in Buffalo, NY are represented on the waistband of the shorts by the Braves logo from the team’s inaugural 1970-71 NBA season. The uniform’s Pacific blue colorway symbolizes the franchise’s move from Western New York to San Diego and the iconic ocean views of Southern California. The jersey numbers and neck, arm, and short tape are a throwback to the 1984-85 uniform design, marking the team’s first season in Los Angeles.”

As someone who has never been completely on board with the Nets West color aesthetic the Clippers have attempted in recent years, it’s a joy to see the San Diego palette brought back to life. It’s also fun to see the jerseys actually embody the meaning of franchise’s nickname with the color of the waves and the sails of the ships on the shorts.

The Clippers will debut the new City Edition jerseys on Nov. 13 against Minnesota. This is the fourth jersey the team will don this season, in addition to their standard white and blue uniforms, and black alternates.

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