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Clippers offense finally comes to form in 126-115 win

The final score was a welcome sight for the team, finally playing to their potential in their third win of the season.

LA Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Despite their latest victory against the Thunder at home in L.A., the Clippers were by no means comfortable in this matchup in Minnesota. Their shooting has been substandard, and while their defense has been elite, it hasn’t been enough to secure any road wins early in the season. Regardless of their past performances, they came to play tonight in a 126-115 victory against the Timberwolves.

However, they began the game with a confidence from the 3-point line, with Reggie Jackson leading the way. In a stark contrast to his averages so far, he ended the first quarter with a team-high 13 points, hitting three out of his four attempts from beyond the arc. The Clippers’ impact on the offensive end was dampened by their turnovers, with many being careless errors and lazy passes, demonstrating more of a lack of focus rather than a deficiency on the offensive end. An interesting point to note is that they came into the game with the lowest turnover average in the league of 12 per game, a number they unfortunately matched just four minutes into the second quarter.

Still, their defense kept them in the game, which is not a far departure from their most recent victory. This time, however, their defense seemed to better convert into offensive looks which contributed to their 58-54 lead at halftime.

The shooting we witnessed in the playoffs was finally realized at the start of the second half, led by none other than Paul George. They hit more than 80 percent of their attempts in the third quarter, which quickly resulted in a double-digit lead. While George led the team in scoring, Jackson’s impressive performance in the first half continued into the second, contributing 26 points to the three-quarter total.

The Timberwolves clawed their way back into the game with just minutes to go, but the Clippers were able to hold onto their lead in their double-digit win, with major credit given to George and Jackson’s 61 combined points. It’s a promising sign for the struggling team, suggesting that this type of offensive performance could be something consistent as the season progresses.