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Clippings: Clippers fans are among the most consistently supportive in the NBA

A lack of historical success has not diminished the fervor of Clippers fans.

Oklahoma City Thunder v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Historically, Clippers fans haven’t had a lot to root for. It’s almost hard to remember, considering how much the team’s fortunes have changed over the past few years, but times used to be bleak. Nevertheless, despite years of supporting a downtrodden franchise, a new study by World Sports Network indicates that Clippers fans are among the most positive in the NBA.

The study used an automatic sentiment analysis tool to gauge the emotional responses of fans after wins and losses during the 2020-21 season, and Clippers fans were consistently positive, no matter the team’s result. The data indicated that 47 percent of comments by Clippers fans were positive (compared to neutral or negative) after a win, and that figure rose to 52 percent after losses. That puts Clippers fans in a group of six fanbases that had a majority of positive reactions after a defeat.

The Clippers had their most successful season in franchise history last year, so it’s tempting to view this data as an unrepresentative sample of fan behavior. However, the most consistently positive fanbase in the data set belongs to the Chicago Bulls, a team that didn’t even make the play-in last year and hasn’t qualified for the playoffs since 2017.

It would be interesting to see how the opinions of Clippers fans evolved over time to figure out if this good mood is a Steve Ballmer development or if that positivity manifested because fans had to brace for tough results. Whatever the case, the study suggests that the current crop of fans keeps spirits up, no matter how the Clippers are doing. Fortunately, the team has recently given its fans plenty of reasons to be happy.

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