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Let’s take a moment to celebrate Patrick Beverley

The longest-tenured current Clipper hit a milestone in the win Sunday.

Cleveland Cavaliers v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Beverley is the emotional leader of the Clippers. It’s been that way ever since the team really took off during the 2018-19 season, and despite the massive addition of talent that has taken place since then, Beverley is still the beating heart of this team.

It helps that Beverley is also an excellent basketball player who has never quite gotten the credit he deserves for what he contributes on the offensive side of the ball. On Sunday, Beverley reached a milestone by scoring the 4,000th point of this career with his final basket, a 3-pointer that pushed LA’s lead to 24 in the third quarter.

This was a moment that Beverley wanted to commemorate, and he came out for his postgame media availability in an appropriately celebratory mood with a beer in hand ready to go. When no one brought up his accomplishment during the press conference, Beverley did so himself.

Once he broke the ice, though, Lou Williams was more than happy to expound on what it meant to see Beverley reach that milestone.

“It’s great for Pat,” Williams said. “In high school, he was considered a scoring guard and he was able to re-brand, come into the league and find his niche and on top of that, still be able to score 4,000 points, so I’m happy for him, I’m proud for him. And my brother in the locker room, he’s proud as hell right now as well, and so, listen, any milestone in this business, you can’t take it for granted. So I’m happy for him, kudos to him and hopefully we put another 4,000 on the board.”

Beyond celebrating the scoring mark, Beverley also wanted to show a little more love to the fact that he turned around to face the Cavaliers bench before the shot even went in. The Clippers guard just wants to have a good time like everyone else.

And why not celebrate what Beverley did Sunday, and what he continues to do throughout his Clippers career. He and Lou Williams have brought this franchise into its new era, and they’ve adapted to still be as productive as ever despite all of the new pieces on the team. It means something to them to have been part of the build-up the Clippers from a group that didn’t make the playoffs in 2018, to one that tested the Warriors in 2019, and now one that is a championship contender.

“We want to be here for a long time, me and Lou,” Beverley said. “That is why we came here to do this thing, and hopefully it pans out the way we want it to.”

There is still a long way to go before those two, and the Clippers, can accomplish their ultimate goals, but for now, they’re enjoying the process. Clippers fans should, too.

Here’s Pat’s full postgame presser for you to watch in all its glory.

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