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Clippers release second-half schedule

The Clippers’ 34 final games of the season released

Washington Wizards v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA released the second-half scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. These will be the final 34 games of the season for the Clippers. Here are some notable takeaways from the schedule release.

  • 17 home games, 17 road games
  • 7 back-to-back games
  • 9-game home-stand (Mar. 29 - Apr. 11)

Here’s the schedule:


11th vs. Golden State (TNT)

14th at New Orleans (ESPN)

15th at Dallas

17th at Dallas

20th vs. Charlotte

22nd vs. Atlanta

24th at San Antonio

25th at San Antonio

27th at Philadelphia

29th vs. Milwaukee

30th vs. Orlando


1st vs. Denver (TNT)

4th vs. Lakers (ABC)

6th vs. Portland

8th vs. Phoenix (TNT)

9th vs. Houston

11th vs. Detroit

13th at Indiana (TNT)

14th at Detroit

16th at Philadelphia (ESPN)

18th vs. Minnesota

20th at Portland (TNT)

21st vs. Memphis

23rd at Houston

26th at New Orleans

28th at Phoenix (ESPN)


1st vs. Denver (ESPN)

4th vs. Toronto (TNT)

6th vs. Lakers (TNT)

9th vs. Knicks

11th at Toronto

13th at Charlotte

14th at Houston

16th at Oklahoma City