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Blake Griffin is a free agent, but he’s probably not returning to LA Clippers

Sounds like he’s Brooklyn-bound.

Indiana Pacers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Blake Griffin was officially cut loose by the Detroit Pistons on Friday, the Bad Boys getting $13.3 million back from the forward in order to facilitate the deal.

So now, Griffin is an unrestricted free agent, and while he’s been injured a lot in Detroit and he’s probably not the same player he was when he left the LA Clippers, could he return?

Possibly, with the Clippers reportedly among a slew of teams interested, but while a new destination has not been announced, as of Friday it appeared Griffin was likely headed for the Brooklyn Nets.

Obviously things could change before any deal is signed, but those who were looking for Blake to get a second chance with the Clips after his abrupt exit to the Pistons likely will not get the satisfying ending you were looking for at this time.

Of course, other buyouts could be coming, and perhaps the Clippers will be involved in one of those? Stay tuned on that front.