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Podcast: Taking stock of the Clippers’ West playoff foes

Where do the Suns rank on the list of teams the Clippers don’t want to see in the postseason?

Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier this week, head coach Ty Lue said that he no interest in postseason seeding — he just wants to make the playoffs. But it’s far more fun to think out which potential playoff opponents would be the most and least difficult for the Clippers with the playoffs just over a month away.

To do so, Sabreena invited William Updyke of the Locked On Clippers podcast to talk about the state of the Western Conference and which matchups the Clippers should be embracing or hoping to avoid. They spend a good deal of time talking about the Suns, who are in Los Angeles tonight for their second game of the season against the Clippers, and who are somehow still under the radar despite having the second-best record in the league. Sabreena and Will go over what Phoenix does well and how the Suns stack up against the strengths of the Clippers.

They also discuss some Clippers-specific questions, namely the starting center position and if Ivica Zubac has done enough to start going forward, even when Serge Ibaka returns. This leads to a longer conversation about what the team’s closing lineups should look like with particular emphasis on the frontcourt.

You can listen to all that and more in the full episode embedded below, and to make sure you never miss a single show moving forward, subscribe to the Clips Nation podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

You can follow William on Twitter at @willupdyke and listen to him on the Locked On Clippers podcast.