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Clippings: Brandon Boston’s NBA workouts show promise

The late second-round selection might end up playing lottery-level minutes.

2021 Las Vegas Summer League - Utah Jazz v LA Clippers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

As the NBA season draws nearer, players and their trainers start preparing for the physically-demanding schedule. While these workouts might be better known for producing clips of “Hoodie Melo” in action, they bring together talent from all corners of the league to get reps in without the pressure of real games. One player who has stood out in recent workouts is none other than 19-year-old Brandon Boston Jr., showing off his pure shooting against competition consisting of players like Ben Simmons, Ja Morant, and Aaron Gordon.

The following clip is fairly short, but it’s clear that Boston’s advanced shooting fundamentals is paired with a cool-headedness that the greatest shooters have carried.

For those who have been following Boston’s basketball trajectory, his recent displays of elite offensive talent are no surprise. At the 51st pick of the draft, it would’ve been typical to offer a two-way contract, or to be used as a trade piece for a more established player. However, the Clippers offered him a three-year guaranteed contract. Perhaps it was because of the expectations surrounding him as a high schooler, with a game that may very well fit the dynamic of the NBA better than the NCAA. It could be because of his convincing stats during the Summer League, averaging 13 points in less than 25 minutes. Most likely, it’s a combination of both, and both of those aspects to his game may be relied upon as the season progresses.

For the number one 3-point shooting team in the league, Boston’s bread and butter fits perfectly with the team’s offensive schemes. His rookie counterparts, Keon Johnson and Jason Preston, offer great upside, but their shooting looks to be less reliable than Boston’s. With Kawhi Leonard out for possibly the entire season, the Clippers will need to dig deep and find a reliable replacement, and a backup for that replacement. We shouldn’t expect Boston to instantly get minutes, but don’t be surprised if he carves out an important role for the potential championship contender.

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