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Clippers complete back-to-back with 111-102 win in Orlando

LA shows that comebacks come natural with the victory after being down by as much as 14.

Los Angeles Clippers v Orlando Magic Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

After the historic performance the Clippers put on against the Wizards and the clutch heroics exhibited by Luke Kennard, it’s difficult to move on and think about the next game. The “Thrill on Capitol Hill” (coined by commentator Brian Sieman) will surely remain in the minds of the fans and players alike for the foreseeable future, but it may have provided the motivation and energy the Clippers demonstrated in their 111-102 win in Orlando to complete the back-to-back.

While it seemed as if the Clippers started off strong, they fell into a double-digit deficit just three minutes into the second quarter. Fouls played a major role in the team’s struggles — by halftime, the Magic had enjoyed 12 free throw opportunities while the Clippers failed to visit the stripe even once. They were also unable to get into a rhythm on both offense and defense, showing just how excessive fouls can impact the game in ways besides providing easy scoring opportunities from the free throw line.

However, a 24-9 run to end the second quarter turned the 14-point Magic lead into a one point Clippers lead, which erased all of the progress the Magic made in that quarter. The explosive run was powered primarily by hot shooting from three — Nicolas Batum hit four triples in the first half alone, and the team as a whole missed just four from distance.

That offense did not seamlessly transition into the third quarter as the Magic quickly regained the lead. After a brief injury scare from Amir Coffey, however, the Clippers responded and brought it within two points before the start of the final frame. This time, their momentum from the previous quarter carried over into the next, and with 23 points from the free throw line this quarter, they ultimately secured the victory.

Seven players on the Clippers hit a three pointer, and Amir Coffey had a team-high 19 points along with five assists and six rebounds. Luke Kennard also impressed, proving he’s more than just a one-dimensional shooter by scoring 17 on with just two threes. With this win, the Clippers grab a winning record on their current road trip as they head to nearby Miami for their next matchup.