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Clippers waive Xavier Moon, Malik Fitts and Nate Darling - but what’s next?

The Clippers just announced they have waived Xavier Moon, Malik Fitts and Nate Darling, giving them some options as they look to fill out their roster.

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers
What could be Xavier Moon’s last minutes as a Los Angeles Clipper...
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers have gone about further tidying up their roster today, as they announced they have waived Xavier Moon, Malik Fitts and Nate Darling.

That leaves the franchise at 16 players on their roster, with one regular spot and one two-way spot still open, and Moses Brown now the only Clipper not on guaranteed money heading into the new season — though Law Murray of The Athletic says he’s being considered for the team’s other two-way deal. While that would represent more clever business by the front office to get an NBA-level player on what is effectively a G-League deal, it does raise questions about their big rotation with Ivica Zubac the only other seven-footer on the books.

The news of Moon’s departure may come as a shock given he had grown something of a cult following in LA, and it seemed a natural fit that he would be given the two-way contract, while Brown would be added to the main roster. Despite being 27 years old, the Clippers gave Moon his first big break in the NBA and his story came to be loved by fans. Fitts and Darling, on the other hand, were only brought into training camp last week and both now leave the franchise after featuring just once against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday.

These latest moves will prompt questions over who the organization have their eyes on to fill the hole, and whether they’ll decide to go for more veteran experience. With other teams clearing their decks gearing up for the new season, the Clippers may already have their eyes on somebody they like — there are several experienced centers still on the market, for example. It’s hard to imagine them bringing in any more veteran point guard play or wing depth as not to block paths for promising young guys, but then you could argue an older five has the same impact on Brown and Moussa Diabate anyway.

Whatever the Clippers do next, though, it certainly promises to be an interesting few days before opening night.


What should the Clippers do with their final roster spot?

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