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Kawhi Leonard and Paul George cover Slam 240

‘Scary Hours’ await Leonard, George and the Clippers ahead of their fourth season together.

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Slam Magazine

The wait is over.

In three days' time, the league’s most solemn, stocky superstar will return to the hardwood in Kawhi Leonard, accompanying the premier presence of PG13.

And in light of this, Slam Magazine has released its poster for the Slam 240.

Leonard and Paul George are seen posed up in the Clippers’ blue icon jerseys, pointing at each other — a small gesture perhaps demonstrative of the two California natives’ friendship and respect for each other. In a recent interview, George didn’t hold back any words of praise regarding Leonard and George’s role as a second option on the team. Under the big blood-stained words “Scary Hours,” the words of the poster read “A terrifying two-way superstar wants to win the Clippers a ring. And there’s two of him.”

This cover comes at the right time. It’s the long-awaited return of Hollywood’s superstar duo and just days before the Clippers’ championship-or-bust season takes away. In the case that they don’t win the championship this season, this poster will be just like any other piece of paper — of the irrelevant what-ifs — thrown down the rubbish. But if they do win it, it’s history. As it stands now, though, take it as a subtle warning about what’s to come.

October 20th — mark the date. At Arena, the Clippers will take on their long-time rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. Their chase for the championship begins then and there, and the jouney will be led by Leonard and George.