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Clippers unveil 2022-2023 City Edition jerseys

The mantra reads, “No Excuses. Just Produce.”

The uniform is a nod to L.A.’s very own, Drew League.

The Los Angeles Clippers have released pictures of their newest jerseys that will take them through the rest of their 2022-2023 season campaign.

Again on a black jersey template, red and blue outlines add a distinct Clipper touch to the jersey — much like the team’s new Statement Edition jerseys.

The City Edition jerseys have always been Nike’s way of incorporating each of the 30 team’s city, fans and history into their designs each year.

This season, it pays homage to the city’s most exciting pro-am summer league, the Drew League.

The wordmark is a perfect blend of the Clippers’ vintage font and the Drew League logo; the green that outlines the bottom of the uniform is the signature color that is symbolic of the league’s long-lasting history — this year marks its 50th year since its establishment; the league’s motto “No Excuse. Just Produce” is stitched on the bottom right of the kit.

While not entirely related to the Drew League, the mosaic design behind the “Los Angeles” logo draws inspiration from the Watts Towers.

All these meanings and symbols put together, the City Edition jersey is a work of art that exemplifies the core values of both the L.A. Clippers and the Drew League: “work ethic, resiliency, optimism”

The Clippers will debut the uniform on November 12th against the Brooklyn Nets.