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Paul George spreads Christmas cheer in support of a cause close to his heart

Paul George hosted his sixth annual Christmas Celebration this week, in which five families impacted by a stroke received a day to remember.

Oklahoma City Thunder v LA Clippers
Paul George embraces his role as a fan favourite on the Clippers.
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Paul George continued to make the Los Angeles Clippers proud off the court this week as he hosted his sixth annual Christmas Celebration, in which five families impacted by a stroke were given a day to remember.

The Palmdale native hosted the event at a local Dave & Buster’s, treating families in attendance to Nike PG6 shoes, Clippers jerseys, tickets to games at The Crypt, wish list items chosen by the children and free arcade games throughout the evening.

George revealed to those in attendance that his mother had suffered from a stroke when he was younger, and therefore being able to support families going through the same situation and raise awareness was a cause that was close to his heart.

George said when speaking at the event.

“It brought us together, it made us stronger, and God has truly blessed us. My family — my mother, my kids, my dad — wanted to extend that out to other families that are dealing with the same circumstances.”

“This is something we want to do every year. We’re always here for you guys.”

George’s philanthropy comes at a time when the Clippers have been making a conscious effort to be a force for positive change in their community, and it will no doubt be a huge moment for those families in attendance in the build up to a Christmas that will no doubt be tough for so many.

It reinforces the idea that this team is led by guys that are grounded and in touch with causes in their communities, which is increasingly important in an era where the top end of sport can have such a disenfranchising impact on so many of its fans.

So well done, PG. We’re so proud to call you a part of Clipper Nation. Keep fighting the good fight.