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A couple of new signature shoes decorate the Clippers’ on-court looks

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George release the newest editions of their signature shoe line.

Around 500 of the best basketball players in the world get a chance to play in the NBA. The best of those 500 make it to a starting lineup. The best of them are selected for the All-Star game. And only the best of those All-Stars have their own signature shoe line. Two of them happen to be Clippers: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Coincidentally or not, both George and Leonard showed glimpses of the newest editions of their signature shoes this month. The sixth model of Nike’s PG line debuted on Feb. 9, hitting retail stores with a boom. The PG 6, one of Nike’s more affordable basketball sneakers, is another low-profile shoe built to sustain George’s quick lateral movements. Its React foam sole offers pillow-like support whenever George lands after an acrobatic lay-up or an exhilarating dunk.

While we won’t see the seven-time All-Star won’t be lacing these up until his return, expect his fellow Clippers to rock their teammate’s shoe — namely, Reggie Jackson and Brandon Boston Jr., both of whom have been seen in PG’s throughout the year. Sooner or later, Clipper-themed PG 6’s will most definitely be released to his teammates and maybe even the general public.

George’s superstar teammate, Leonard, also had something special of his own.

While they won’t release until March, Leonard and New Balance also released the design of their second entry into his signature shoe line, the Kawhi II.

While steeper price than the PG 6, the Kawhi II offers a more supportive and bulky shoe — much needed to complement Leonard’s hard-fighting mantra and splendid skillset on the hardwood. These probably won’t be debuted until the return of the 2-time Finals MVP as the Clippers do not have another New Balance athlete on their roster — albeit other players around the league may be seen in Leonard’s signature shoes.

With the much-anticipated NBA playoffs just around the corner, new on-court sneakers of the league’s best are making their way onto the courts. And we can only hope that the superstars, too, will soon make their way back to the hardwood, where they shine the brightest.