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Clippers come through in the clutch to secure a 111-110 win against the Lakers

This game truly came down to the wire, as the Clippers successfully fended off the fourth quarter comeback.

Los Angeles Lakers v LA Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Last time both LA teams duked it out, it came down to the wire, with the Clippers grabbing the close win due to a complete team effort. This time, history repeated itself as the Clippers once again secured the 111-110 win in crunch time, despite a number of players on the injured list and the late-game run that nearly won it for the Lakers.

Both teams weren’t too familiar with the lineups they were forced to employ — the Lakers used their starting lineup three times, while the Clippers used a brand new set of starters, but they quickly got adjusted in a competitive, defense-oriented first quarter. The Clippers used their flexible zone defense throughout the first half to force the offense into making difficult passes that would lead to contested shots. However, the Lakers neutralized the defense by drawing several early fouls, which prevented either team from getting into a rhythm.

Despite shooting 59 percent from the field, the Clippers led by just six at halftime, demonstrating just how poised the Lakers can be, even without their main star. Luke Kennard and Marcus Morris did most of the perimeter scoring for the Clippers, but it was Serge Ibaka who lead the team with 14 points.

Shortly after the start of the second half, the Clippers’ six point lead ballooned to double digits in less than three minutes. After a quiet first half, Reggie Jackson exploded with a mix of scoring and playmaking which opened up the team’s offense. The Lakers, though, began to gain momentum and started the fourth quarter by scoring eight straight points, cutting what was once a 17 point lead to just four.

In a game that truly came down to the last possession, the Clippers ultimately secured the win after a Reggie Jackson game-winning layup. Anthony Davis got a good look near the basket at the buzzer, but the ball just did not roll into the hoop. Jackson, Ibaka, and Morris combined for 74 points in a game that Clipper fans will remember for long time, to say the least.