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Clippers play-in game set for April 12

The Clippers will play the Timberwolves or the Nuggets for the No. 7 seed.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers will play the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference in a play-in game on April 12, the NBA announced on Thursday. The game will be televised on TNT.

The Clippers clinched the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference on Monday with a win over the New Orleans Pelicans but the No. 7 seed is still undecided because the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves are only separated by two games with two games left on the schedule. If things stay the way they currently are, the Clippers will play the Timberwolves on April 12.

The Clippers went 3-1 against the Timberwolves in their regular season series and Paul George was active in all three of their wins. Their one loss came with George on the bench.

In other words, Clippers fans should feel pretty confident going into the play-in game, especially now that the team is as close as it’s been to full-strength all season. If for whatever reason they do lose that game, they’ll play whichever team wins between the New Orleans Pelicans and San Antonio Spurs on April 15.