Charles Barkley Makes Joke About Zion Williamson: Fans React


Charles Barkley is always quick with a joke and no topic seems to be out of touch for the former NBA star. On Friday night, he made that abundantly clear. Following the New Orleans Pelicans win over the Los Angeles Clippers to clinch a playoff spot, Barkley couldn't help but make a joke about Zion Williamson's weight. When speaking with Brandon Ingram, who is much more slender than Williamson, Barkley let his joke fly - after previously saying he wasn't going to make the joke. "Clearly him and Zion don't hang out together," Barkley told Ingram. "They bodies don't look the same. Y'all don't eat at the same places." Ingram couldn't help but laugh at that comment from Barkley. "I'm gone, man. I'm gone," Ingram replied. Fans couldn't help but react to the joke from Barkley. Everyone seems to love Barkley and the wild jokes he makes on live television. "I said it before and I will say it again...Charles Barkley is a national treasure! Protect him at all cost!" one fan said. How to Stream the Rugby World Cup Online. Top 3 VPNs. Our Top Choice! ExpressVPN. Fastest and most reliable VPN; User-friendly; 148 server locations.

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