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Clippers come out and support Paul George at his wedding

Regardless of age, team, or location, the camaraderie still carries on.

The past month has been nothing less than spectacular for the Los Angeles Clippers’ Paul George.

The star married Daniela Rajic, the mother of his three children, Olivia, Natasha, and Paul. In light of this, the newly-married couple hosted a lavish wedding ceremony in Positano, Italy.

And by his side were none other than his Clipper teammates alongside a few other familiar faces.

A post by Lou Williams showed that his former fellow Clippers — Reggie Jackson, Ivica Zubac, and Kawhi Leonard — were all present in support of George’s special day. Likewise, former Clippers Williams, Patrick Beverley, and Patrick Patterson were also suited up for this event.

Despite being fierce rivals on the court, it’s clear that George’s ex-teammates still have a soft spot for the 7-time NBA All-Star. It was the organization’s needs and wants that cut their sojourn in Los Angeles and not George’s, after all.

The hard-defending Beverley was traded before the start of the Clippers’ 2021-22 campaign in a deal to acquire Eric Bledsoe from the Memphis Grizzlies. Williams, Beverley’s teammate and a fan favorite off the bench, was given up in exchange for Rajon Rondo — who seemed like the much-needed answer to the team’s lack of playmaking. As for Patterson, the sharpshooter parted ways with the Clippers as he couldn’t secure a spot on the team’s final roster.

Regardless, the players are seemingly still bound by a type of bond that always connected them beyond the hardwood. And while we won’t see any more of this connection with the former Clippers manifest itself on the court, there lies a season ahead for the others — his current teammates — to show how their boundless bond will translate into wins and even championships.

And considering that this team has long ago ticked off many boxes toward winning a championship — superstar players, team depth, and great coaching, to name a few — this type of team chemistry might just be the final box left to tick.