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2022 Clippers Roster: The list of players who will be at training camp

This post will be updated as the Clippers’ training camp roster fills up.

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

As things presently stand, the 2022 LA Clippers roster is mostly set. There are some interesting roster battles that will take place during training camp, but for the most part it won’t truly alter much of the team no matter how those battles shake out.

The players that you see listed below will have contract designations noted alongside their names. Some of these can be pretty straightforward. For instance, a guaranteed contract means their entire deal is, well, guaranteed to count against the cap no matter if they play the full season with the team or get cut by the team at any point.

The ones you see tabbed as two-way contracts are the players who can spend time going back and forth from the Clippers’ G League affiliate, the Ontario Clippers. Those players will get reps in the development circuit while also still being eligible to play games in the NBA without being signed to a fully guaranteed or non-guaranteed contract. A player on a two-way contract will make roughly $502,000 during the season and be limited to 50 regular season games while having no playoff eligibility.

Lastly, there are Exhibit 9 and Exhibit 10 designations. A player who has an Exhibit 9 contract is one who signs a non-guaranteed deal with a team for a training camp invite. In essence, it’s a fairly straightforward camp invite and most players on Exhibit 9 deals don’t make the roster. The exception, of course, was Isaiah Hartenstein last season.

A player who has an Exhibit 10 contract is one who signs a one-year, non-guaranteed minimum deal. The language in those deals allows a team to convert that contract into a two-way deal if they so choose, but it also incentivizes players by giving them bonuses of $5,000 and $50,000 if the player is waived and reports to that team’s G League affiliate for at least 60 days should they not be converted to a two-way contract.

At the bottom, you’ll see a counter that lets you know exactly how many roster spots the Clippers have left to fill before training camp officially opens. Training camp is set to start on Sept. 26.

2022 Clippers Training Camp Roster

  1. Paul George (fully guaranteed)
  2. Kawhi Leonard (fully guaranteed)
  3. Norman Powell (fully guaranteed)
  4. Marcus Morris Sr. (fully guaranteed)
  5. Luke Kennard (fully guaranteed)
  6. Robert Covington (fully guaranteed)
  7. Reggie Jackson (fully guaranteed)
  8. Nicolas Batum (fully guaranteed)
  9. Ivica Zubac (fully guaranteed)
  10. John Wall (fully guaranteed )
  11. Amir Coffey (fully guaranteed)
  12. Terance Mann (fully guaranteed)
  13. Brandon Boston Jr. (fully guaranteed)
  14. Jason Preston (fully guaranteed)
  15. Moussa Diabaté (two-way contract)
  16. Xavier Moon (Exhibit 9 contract)
  17. Moses Brown (Exhibit 9 contract)

Counter: The team presently has one open guaranteed spot and one open two-way spot. They have three open training camp spots.

Stay tuned and bookmark this page for updates as they happen.

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