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The promising future of Brandon Boston Jr.

Hollywood’s next star is in the making.

2022 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

What makes the world-renowned PBJ sandwich so popular and good? It has so much to offer — from carbs and protein to its mouth-watering sweet-savory flavor.

I would say the same for the LA Clippers’ next big thing: BBJ.

Sure, Brandon Boston Jr. might not be as famous as the American dish nor provide us with half of its nutritional value. But he, much like a PBJ sandwich, is an ideal combination of things — in this case, basketball skills.

The Kentucky product stands tall at 6-foot-7 with a 6-foot-10 wingspan. And despite his lengthier frame, he handles the rock just as well as the shorter guards. Add to this his speed and agility, he has no problem going coast-to-coast and beating defenders down the court.

He can shoot, too. Boston has a smooth stroke from deep and doesn’t hesitate to use his dribble to create space for a triple. He could work on getting a more consistent jump shot, though. In five games in the NBA 2k23 Las Vegas Summer League, the 20-year-old converted on 32% of his 3-point attempts — not too bad, not too good.

But his greatest asset is undoubtedly his potential.

In a blowout game against the Utah Jazz a few weeks ago, Boston showcased all the ingredients in the recipe of his game.

He started the game with a crossover to blow by his defender and used his size to finish in the paint. In the subsequent sequence, he used his speed to recover to defense and log on his first steal of the night — he finished with two.

Throughout the game, Boston put his offensive repertoire on full display. He smartly made the right cuts at the right time for easy flushes at the rim. With his quick dribbles and length, the second-year Clipper showed flashes of his speed and knack at finishing around the help defense.

Behind the arc, he knocked down half of his six 3-point attempts. Each of the shots showed a different aspect of his long-range game.

One was off of a screen. The other was a dribble step-back triple that put CJ McCollum, who suited up to commentate that game, in awe. His third was a catch-and-shoot look from the right corner.

Boston also used his frame and athleticism to log 8 rebounds. And while playmaking might not exactly be his forte, there were instances in which he used his drive to create space and find open teammates; he finished with 3 assists.

The Clipper wing’s standout performance, I believe, is merely a preview of what the Clippers have signed up for. It’s clear that Boston has lots of weapons in his arsenal. It’ll only be a matter of time before he develops into the kind of marksman the likes of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard grew to be.