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LA Clippers are not slated to play on Christmas Day

Bah humbug?

NBA: DEC 20 Mavericks at Clippers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Based on the schedule leaks that are coming out, the LA Clippers will not be participating in the NBA’s Christmas Day festivities. It’ll mark the second straight year in which the Clippers are not part of the Christmas action.

While it initially might seem a tad shocking to see the Clippers not scheduled to play on Christmas considering they’re one of the betting favorites for the championship this season, it does make some sense since the other games featuring Western Conference teams are pretty notable.

Overall, the Clippers are 8-8 on Christmas in their franchise history, including wins in their last two appearances on the day where Santa Clause and his however many reindeer torment the night sky delivering gifts to people around the world. Those wins came in 2019 against the Lakers and in 2020 against the Nuggets, both featuring the Clippers as the road team.

Interestingly enough, the Clippers have not had a home game on Christmas since a 100-86 victory over the Warriors in 2014. Golden State went on to win the title that year.

The Clippers still have never played an Eastern Conference team on Christmas Day since the franchise relocated from Buffalo in 1978, and the furthest trip the team has had to make to play a team on Christmas is that game against the Nuggets in 2020.

So, are you a Clippers fan that likes spending time with your family?

Well, if you do, then Christmas 2022 is perfect for you!

And if you don’t like spending time with your family then, well, Christmas 2022 is not a great thing for you and you can blame the NBA for making you have to endure more time with them since the Clippers won’t be partaking in the slate of games.

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