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How do the Clippers’ NBA 2K23 ratings look?

Leonard is a 94, George an 88, and Powell an 80.

LA Clippers v Minnesota Timberwolves - Play-In Tournament Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

From the start of the NBA, championships, stats, and individual accolades defined a player’s success.

76 years later, it’s still the same criteria that help assess the players and their careers. There is one new element to player comparisons, though: 2K ratings.

And with the release of 2K’s newest basketball game ahead of the 2022-23 season, the much-anticipated ratings were released. Here’s how the Los Angeles Clippers were rated:

Kawhi Leonard - 94

Ranked eighth in the league, the two-time Finals MVP is ranked at an impressive 94. His offensive consistency, close shot, hands, and defensive consistency were ranked as his strongest attributes at 98. While 94 is undoubtedly a high rating, this is the lowest rating Leonard has received since NBA 2K17, when he had a 93 rating.

Paul George - 88

An 88 rating for someone that averaged 24.3 points, 5.7 assists, and 6.9 rebounds doesn’t seem like the fairest of appraisals. Ranked as the 22nd best player in the league, George is looking to have his redemption season with the Clippers. Just as it did last season, expect George’s rating to climb towards the lower 90s as the season progresses.

Norman Powell - 80

Powell made quite the impression in his first few games as a Clipper. He’s an offensive juggernaut that has all the tools to score at will: athleticism, handles, and a 3-point shot. For the Clippers, he averaged 21.4 points on 54.2% shooting from behind the arc, 2.8 assists, and 2.8 rebounds. If he can continue to be this type of weapon for Tyronn Lue, there’s no doubt that his rating will skyrocket.

John Wall - 78

It’s hard to give an ex-All-Star who’s played just 40 games in three seasons an appropriate rating. But two things are certain: Wall has been putting in the work in the offseason and ‘looked sharp in offseason workouts.’ The five-time All-Star has had a ranking as high as 89 before and there’s no reason why he can’t do the same this season.

Reggie Jackson, Ivica Zubac, Marcus Morris Sr. - 77

Reggie Jackson, despite having yet another offensively productive season, has been rated at just 77. Zubac and his inside-the-paint prowess have been acknowledged as his close shot, post control, and defensive rating are all rated highly. As with Morris, he’s one of nine Clippers that have a 3-point rating over 80. This also puts the Clippers as one of the best sharpshooting teams in the league.

Luke Kennard, Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum - 76

Kennard — albeit leading the league in 3-point percentage — was tied for second place in 3-point shooting alongside superstars like Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Covington and Batum, both key players in the Clippers’ defense, received contrasting defensive rankings: a much-deserved 82 and a surprising 64, respectively.

Terance Mann, Amir Coffey - 77

The fourth-year Clipper duo of Mann and Coffey both received respectable ratings of 77 and even better 3-point ratings of 80 and 81, respectively. As they grow into bigger roles for the organization, their ratings are definitely something to keep an eye out for.

That doesn’t mean that these 2K ratings are everything, of course. Admittedly, ratings for a game are not the most even-handed evaluation of a player and his game nor do they have any implications in real life.

But it still is a good pre-season evaluation of each player and their strengths. And also a way to oversee their progress throughout their careers.

Let their game talk for them, right?