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John Wall can rediscover himself this season as the Clippers’ Robin

The acquisition of John Wall comes with next to no risk for the Clippers, but the potential upside should have everybody excited.

Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets
John Wall faces up his now Clippers teammate and good friend Paul George
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

This summer could prove to be a huge one for the Los Angeles Clippers. In the eyes of their critics, at least, the biggest thing that has stopped this team from being able to go all the way is their health and their lack of a playmaking point guard.

Some may believe that acquiring one of the league’s most high-profile injury absentees of the past few years may not be the fix to either of those issues. However, if videos of the summer runs are anything to go by, fans should be very excited about what’s to come.

John Wall has been putting in the work over the summer, and the hope is that it will pay off on the court. He’s certainly already captured the hearts of Clipper Nation by opening up about his struggles with his mental health, so whatever he can bring to the team on the court will only add to the high regard he is already held in.

What is the best case scenario for their season?

The best case scenario is that Wall still excels in many of the areas he did prior to his injury issues and thus becomes a legitimate option for the Clippers. While his acquisition comes with relatively little risk for the franchise, the potential upside is huge if he can get anywhere near that previous level.

Debates about who would start over him and Reggie Jackson would evaporate (with all due respect to our bespectacled king) if he can really become the Robin to the two-headed Batman of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The idea of the former Washington Wizards guard playing anything like his prime is a mouthwatering proposition for his teammates, his coaches and us fans.

What is the worst-case outcome?

As I said before, this is a signing that comes without too much risk attached. Therefore, the worst case outcome would be that Wall continues to struggle with injuries and effectively comes to fill a roster spot without his body allowing him to contribute too much to the team.

That feels awful to write, especially given how open he has been about his mental struggles during his previous spell on the sidelines. Clipper Nation will be praying for at least good health for Wall, even if he isn’t able to bring something close to his full potential on the court.

What do you think is the most likely role for them?

The most likely role for Wall is him eventually becoming the starting point guard once Ty Lue figures out his best lineups. While he can’t be expected to physically be near the roadrunner we used to see during his best years in Washington, his playmaking potential would make him the perfect accompaniment to the Clippers’ stars.

He won’t need to bring nearly as much of the scoring with Leonard and George taking care of that in the starting unit, and the Jackson-Norman Powell backcourt tandem bringing an additional boost off the bench. Again, anything he contributes in that department would be a bonus to this squad.

It’s time to get excited, Clippers fans. This one could be special.