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Courtside: Clippers’ New Year’s resolutions

Jon and Jack provide their New Year’s resolutions for the Clippers.

NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Clippers Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode of Courtside, Jon and Jack provide their new year’s resolutions for the LA Clippers. With a roller-coaster season providing its fair share of ups and downs, there is plenty to be thankful for. However, there is just as much to improve.

One is the lineups that are being used. Coming into the season, the roster was touted as having an abundance of wings. But since the season started, it feels as if there have been more lineups that are guard-dominant than those of wings. While it is understandable considering the team’s thirst for scoring, the wing lineups create versatility defensively for a team that already boasts a top-5 ranking.

Head coach Ty Lue might be justified in his guard-heavy lineups due to the fact that his guards are more scorers off the bench. John Wall, Norman Powell, and Luke Kennard are all offensive-minded and Lue probably sees them as a means to improve their sluggish offense.

In addition to the want for Wingstop lineups, the Clippers need to find a sense of urgency in games. Whether it be running sets with more force or locking in for the entirety of the game, this team cannot keep digging a hole for itself to get out of. Though the Comeback Clips are a real thing, they shouldn’t be summoned almost every game.

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