Kendrick Perkins Suggests a Surprising James Harden Trade Idea


With the LA Clippers temporarily putting James Harden trade discussions with the Philadelphia 76ers on hold, former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins has proposed an intriguing trade scenario involving the Los Angeles Lakers. Perkins, who previously shared the court with Harden during their time with the Oklahoma City Thunder, voiced his perspective: "If I'm the Los Angeles Lakers, I might be looking to trade for James Harden. James Harden wants to go to the Clippers, but to be honest with you, James Harden to the Lakers makes the most sense for Anthony Davis. If you want to get him good easy looks like James Harden did for Joel Embiid last season, how about trading for him... If I'm the Lakers and I'm James Harden, I would reconsider just picking the Clippers and actually wanting to get to LA to be with the Los Angeles Lakers." Cowboy Channel App This idea raises intriguing possibilities, especially if the Lakers encounter early-season challenges and feel the need to bolster their talent roster to contend effectively in the competitive Western Conference. While the Clippers have been Harden's preferred destination in trade talks, a shift to the Lakers might be a scenario worth considering if the Clippers continue to hesitate in meeting Philadelphia's trade demands for the star guard.