Paul George responds to teammate's decision to retire


Earlier this summer, it was announced that Nicolas Batum, a seasoned player for the LA Clippers, intends to retire from basketball following the conclusion of the 2024 Olympics. Consequently, the upcoming season will mark his final stint in the NBA. On a recent episode of the "Podcast P," presented by Wave Sports and Entertainment, Paul George, a prominent figure on the Clippers' roster, shared his reaction to this news and highlighted the significance of Batum's contributions to the team. "Nico possesses a true competitive spirit," George remarked. "Undoubtedly, he lightens my workload, and he's genuinely a great individual. Interestingly, we share adjacent lockers both at the practice facility and even at the arena. This allows us to engage in casual conversations off the court. On the court, however, he's like a Swiss army knife. He assumes versatile roles, acting as the adhesive that binds us together. Whether defending point guards, power forwards like Anthony Davis or Karl-Anthony Towns, and even sometimes guarding centers like Nikola Jokic, he does it all. He truly encompasses the all-around player for us... Nevertheless, he truly merits recognition and appreciation. It's often overlooked that he's likely in his 17th or 18th year; Nico has certainly had a lengthy career."

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