Breaking down the Clippers' 2023-2024 schedule

The LA Clippers will start their 2023/2024 NBA campaign on 25th October at home going against Portland and spend most of their time in Los Angeles in the following week. Four of their five opening games will be hosted at the Arena, including a match against the Lakers on 1st November with the Clippers on the road. The home stretch kicks off and sets the stage for a regular-season schedule that can be viewed as more forgiving compared to recent seasons.

The Clipper’s schedule shows matchups for 80 out of 82 matches since their performance in the NBA inaugural in-season tournament will show whether the dates are part of the knockout or filled with two opponents that failed to advance past the group play. Here are some early impressions that Betway sports punters should know about the potentially bad, good, and challenging parts of the Clipper’s 2023/2024 schedule.

An evenly paced schedule

The last two NBA seasons had punishing schedules for the LA Clippers, as they played 61 games before the All-Star break in February. That had a duo effect last season, leaving the Clippers with 21 games to mesh their additions from the transfer deadline after the break.

In the 2023/2024 season, the Clippers will get more time to rest in a schedule that seems to be more evenly paced than last season. The Clippers will play 53 matches before the February All-Star break or 54 games if they manage to advance in the NBA in-season tournament and 29 games after. That’s a development that NBA betting enthusiasts at Betway will need to keep in mind when betting on the Clippers games.

The schedule features multiple reprieves for resting, a development the Clippers will gladly embrace considering the ongoing concerns about fatigue. After their fifth match on 1st November against the Lakers, the team will rest for four days before heading to New York to play against the Knicks on 6th November. In January, the LA Clippers will go back home from 15th – 25th January, but will only play three matches in that time.

Last season, the Clippers played 51 games with one-day rest. That has reduced to 58 this season and the spacing in their earlier games this season means that six weeks ending in the postseason will be packed full of games.

Difficult stretches

Out of the 15 back-to-back matches for the Clippers, five of them will be played in Los Angeles on both ends. From 26th January to 4th March, the Clippers play four back-to-back matchups while on the road, which could prove to be a difficult stretch for the team. Back-to-back matchups can also make it hard to judge how the LA Clippers compare to a certain East power because both their matches against the Bucks are on the second night of their back-to-back (4th March and 10th March).

NBA’s In-season Tournament

The Clippers' in-season tournament schedule in the group stage features four games and with the dates already confirmed, now we see how they’ll fit into their regular schedule. Three games will be hosted on one resting day, while the last will take place on 17th November against Houston. However, the last group stage game will be against New Orleans at home on 24th November.

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