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Clippers 2015-16 Schedule Information

Everything you need to know about who the Clippers will be playing this year and when.

Can the Clippers get off to a hot start?

The Clippers will start the season with 14 of their first 20 at home against many beatable opponents. Can they get off to a hot start and become the team to watch in the NBA?

Key Matchups for the Clippers this Season

We have details of the full schedule, as well as information on all the key games this season.

Check out the Clippers' Full Schedule

The Clippers' full schedule is out.

Early Leaks of Clippers Games

A few early leaks have given us the dates of Clippers games against Miami, Oklahoma City, Boston, and more.

Home Opener Drama: Clippers to Face Dallas

Clippers will open the season against the Dallas Mavericks in Los Angeles, per Ralph Lawler.