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Clippers Analysis

Paul George is out for a few more weeks: Time for these three-ish Clippers to step up

With George shelved for a bit longer than expected, the time is ripe for players like Luke Kennard, Terance Mann, and more to shine.

Jay Scrubb was a surprise addition to the rotation in New Orleans

The second-year two-way player wasn’t wholly impressive in his first chance at meaningful minutes.

10 thoughts on the last 10 Clippers games

Trying to find reason for optimism as this team flounders is a difficult task, but we’d be lying if there wasn’t SOME reason to hope that this season can be turned around.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Clippers

New year, new goals, and new heights for the 213.

10 thoughts on the last 11 Clippers games

An up and down stretch encompasses the best and the worst from what has been an inconsistent season thus far.

Terance Mann is starting to look like a player capitalizing on the perfect role

Steady play has always been Mann’s calling card, but over the course of the last few weeks, the third-year swingman has started putting it all together.

Marcus Morris Sr. is bringing veteran consistency

Morris has slowly, steadily returned to his 2020-21 form.

Isaiah Hartenstein is the Western Conference’s best-kept secret

Hartenstein has spent his first Clippers season making a constant impact. Seriously, how has this guy played on four teams in four years?

Defensive rebounds have become the Clippers’ kryptonite

Defending is hard enough before adding 14 seconds to the shot clock.

Why Serge Ibaka’s return has been a big plus for the Clippers

Although it’s not been a week to celebrate for the Clippers, they have been boosted by Serge Ibaka’s return to the lineup.

10 thoughts for the last 10 games, Vol. 2

The defense has held up — how can the offense get better?

Ivica Zubac is anchoring a stifling defense

The Clippers have shifted from an elite offense in recent years to an elite defense in 2021-22, and Zubac is a big reason why.

What are we to make of Reggie Jackson’s early returns this season?

Jackson has never shot the ball this much. What else is there to his game?

Marcus Morris Sr. looks to have his mobility back

The timing and shotmaking are still to come, but the Clippers forward seems on track to make a positive impact sooner than later.

Marcus Morris’s return will help the Clippers pack an extra punch

With Marcus Morris set to make his return to the floor, the Clippers will be able to put up more of a fight in the paint.

It’s hard to compute how great Paul George has been this season

As the Clippers’ de facto number one, George has been elite and electric. As basketball fans, we should cherish it.

Eric Bledsoe’s play hasn’t merited a spot in the starting lineup

While Paul George and Reggie Jackson ride their early-season heaters, Bledsoe is showing signs of regression. That has to change.

The Clippers bench continues to bring the energy

As the starters begin to come around during this current run, it’s the energy off the bench that continues to be the team’s biggest boost.

10 thoughts for 10 Clippers games

Here’s what stands out at the first check-in of the season.

Serge Ibaka had a self-described ‘rough’ debut

He was just happy to be on the court and participate in a win.

The Clippers used their size to smother the Hornets

Normally a team that likes to go small, the Clippers flipped the script and stayed big to great effect.

Nicolas Batum has been a steadying presence in the Clippers’ turnaround

With the Clippers starting to put together a run, Nicolas Batum has been right at the heart of it and will continue to be crucial.

If defense wins championships, count the Clippers in as immediate contenders

The Clippers aren’t consistently scoring like they used to. It helps that they won’t let their opponents score, either.

Neither Paul George nor the Clippers is off to the start they hoped for

Paul George said he was ready to lead. At 1-3, that leadership is more important than ever.

The Clippers need to make quicker decisions on offense

Overdribbling has cost the Clippers early in the season.

How the Clippers’ push for pace has impacted their start to the season

The Clippers have shown an extra emphasis on pace to start the season, but how effective has it been and is it sustainable long term?

Nicolas Batum unleashed his team’s defensive potential yet again

Batum set the tone defensively against Portland, and the rest of the Clippers followed.

The starting lineup hasn’t yet come to play

The Clippers are getting off to terrible starts in the first and third quarters.

What remains of the artist formerly known as Serge Iblocka?

Once the league’s most fearsome rim presence, Ibaka’s 2021-22 season is all about proving what he has left in the tank.

Where the Clippers’ hopes and dreams lie ahead of the new season

With the new NBA season upon us, the Clippers have another chance to make our wildest dreams come true

Marcus Morris Sr. is here to fill in the gaps

After an adjustment period a year ago, the 11-year veteran is perfectly comfortable in his role with the Clippers.

How Reggie Jackson can continue to bring the good times to L.A.

Having been the smiling face throughout the Clippers preseason, Reggie Jackson’s personality could continue to be a huge key for the franchise this year