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Clippers Analysis

The Clippers can be next season’s Warriors

While injury issues curtailed the Clippers’ hopes for this season, the Warriors have formed a blueprint that they can follow next year.

This stream has:

2021-2022 “Clippers In Review” Player Profiles

Analyzing each player on the LA Clippers and how they performed during the 2021-22 NBA season.

Clippers could — and should — run it back next season

In a league full of what-ifs, the Clippers' 2021-22 season may be the biggest in recent memory. As long as they stay the course, contention next season shouldn’t be much of a question.

Clippers could embrace ‘Wingstop’ lineups next season

Flushed with talent on the wings, the Clippers have the unique ability to throw out all-wing lineups next season as they chase title dreams

No, Devin Booker is not on the same level as Paul George

Given everything Paul George has been through in his career, the Devin Booker comparisons are disrespectful.

Tyronn Lue and the Art of Adapting

Last postseason, coach Tyronn Lue had the LA Clippers adapt in ways that you seldom see. A year later, what did we learn?

Luke Kennard and the Cost of Shooting

When the Clippers re-signed Luke Kennard roughly 18 months ago, it was yet another shooter who got paid in the NBA. But how has he stacked up to his contemporaries since then?

Clippers In Review: Norman Powell shows flashes of a bright future in L.A.

Despite a big injury setback a few games into his Clippers career, Norman Powell showed enough to suggest he’s a big part of their future plans.

Clippers in review: Isaiah Hartenstein brought a big boost off the bench

His NBA career could have gone a very different way, but Isaiah Hartenstein bet on himself and brought the energy to L.A..

A Brewtiful Cup of Coffey

Amir Coffey’s 2021-22 season was one fans and media alike won’t forget, as his timely play kept the Clippers afloat

Clippers fans can still have high hopes for next season

Despite an eventful season ending in quiet disappointment, Clippers fans should have high hopes they can achieve big things next campaign.

The Clippers couldn’t stand in the way of Patrick Beverley’s story

Tuesday night was the latest chapter in the Patrick Beverley story, and the Clippers just couldn’t stand in his way.

The Clippers are the NBA Playoffs’ biggest unknown

The NBA’s Challenging Problem

The challenge system has evolved over recent years, and coaches want to see it change one more time this offseason.

Comeback Tales from “The Crypt”

The LA Clippers have set an NBA record with five 20+ point comebacks, and it tells the tale of their underdog season

Paul George and the comebacks that have lifted the Clippers’ spirits

With Paul George returning to help the Clippers to a comeback win over the Utah Jazz, the boost to morale may have come at the perfect time.

Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum and the parallels between the Clippers’ vets

Having at one time considered quitting basketball altogether, Robert Covington and Nicolas Batum have rediscovered their love in Los Angeles.

Will the Clippers benefit from the death of the super team?

Could the break up of the Nets big three and the Lakers failure allow the Clippers to rise to the fore?

The Ty That Binds

In a season filled with adversity, head coach Tyronn Lue has kept the Clippers in the race by being true to himself.

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The Hart of the Matter

Isaiah Hartenstein’s rise is something that can no longer be ignored, and it’s created a very interesting offseason for him and the team.

Who can Luke Kennard be for the Clippers?

Plenty more where that came from.

The Clippers still reign supreme in the battle of L.A.

After a sixth win in a row over the Lakers for Ty Lue’s Clippers, they should feel much closer to achieving their goals than their rivals.

Will the Clippers make their way to the playoffs?

It’s pretty likely, at the moment.

The Clippers’ Biggest Unanswered Question

If the LA Clippers are to have sustained success going forward, quite a bit of it will rest on Terance Mann’s broad shoulders.

Luke Kennard is the latest Clipper making an impact beyond the court

After making a splash back in Ohio for NBA All-Star Weekend, Luke Kennard has made himself the latest Clipper to make a positive impact beyond the court.

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Robert Covington and the Fastest Hands in the West

The veteran defensive stalwart has helped the Clippers maintain pace in the playoff race by being quicker than a hiccup.

Could the Clippers trade for Powell and Covington see them switch styles?

With the Clippers trading away drive-kick-swing poster boys Eric Bledsoe and Justise Winslow, will they go a different direction with Norman Powell and Robert Covington?

Ranking the Clippers’ best All-Star Game performances of all time

The Clippers have had their share of success in these exhibition games.

By trading for Norman Powell and Robert Covington, the Clippers show that they are anything but out of it

The deal that kicked off NBA trade season could make a huge difference in Los Angeles moving forward.

10 thoughts on the Clippers, Vol. 5

Another break-even stretch feels much more optimistic than the ones preceding it.

Amir Coffey’s playmaking has been an unexpected key to the Clippers offense

The offense has taken off since Coffey and his ball movement entered the starting lineup.

Paul George’s availability has defined the Clippers’ unique tale of two seasons

With the news that surgery is a real option for the Clippers’ second star, it’s worth looking at whether or not his electric start to the year was as vital as it seemed.