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Clippers Power Rankings Watch

Every week, we'll take a look at all the major Power Rankings to see where the Clippers stand in the world of NBA punditry.

The Clippers are the strangest average team

A .500 record has the Clippers in 17th place in the national power rankings.

It’s a good thing the Clippers know how to come back from big deficits

The Clippers aren’t exactly in trouble, but the bottom half of the play-in tournament isn’t ideal.

It’s time to hit the road

The Clippers are 7-11 on the road this season.

How much longer can the Clippers hang on?

The Clippers keep playing hard and competing, but earning wins is getting harder.

Count out the Clippers at your own peril

The shorthanded Clippers are still a force to be reckoned with.

Here comes the toughest stretch of the Clippers season

The Clippers are without their best horses as the schedule starts to turn.

The Clippers are all over the place

And somehow still might be top-10 worthy in a wide-open league

The Clippers role players came to play this week

There were strong 2020-21 Clippers vibes as the team went undefeated even without Paul George for two games.

Was this week the nadir of the Clippers season?

The Clippers looked a little out of sorts as they work through new lineups.

The offense has officially become a problem for the Clippers

Maybe this level of scoring is what should be expected for this roster.

This feels like the new normal for the Clippers

The team has settled into a defensive-minded identity early in the year.

The Clippers have raised the bar for this roster

The past two weeks set a new standard for what the Clippers can achieve without Kawhi Leonard.

The Clippers are starting to look like themselves again

How far did they move up in the power rankings after a four-game win streak?

The conference finals halo is apparently gone

After an ugly start to the season, expectations for the Clippers have plummeted.

Paul George is earning plaudits around the league

The Clippers as a whole? Not so much.

It’s time for the Clippers to show what they’ve been working towards

For better or worse, the Clippers will only be judged on what comes next.

No one really knows what to make of the Clippers until the playoffs

The latest NBA power rankings are basically a collective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The Clippers hit their first lull of the second half of the season

A winless week at least left the Clippers with a playoff berth.

The Clippers are at their regular-season peak

The majority opinion is now that the Clippers are the best team in the league.

Are the Clippers now title favorites?

They certainly have the statistical profile of a championship team.

The Clippers are once again on an upswing

Paul George was the player of the week, and the Clippers are the team to beat.

Is there reason to worry about Paul George’s foot injury?

The Clippers’ dive in the recent power rankings suggest people around the league feel that way.

Undefeated week has Clippers climbing in rankings

The Clippers had one of their best weeks of the season

Are Clippers viewed as a top five team in the NBA?

The latest NBA power rankings

Are the Clippers fundamentally flawed or just banged up?

The power rankings can’t figure out what version of the Clippers is true.

Where do the Clippers rank at the midseason break?

The Clippers slouched into the All-Star Break on a three-game losing streak, but that doesn’t diminish their overall body of work in the first half.

An inability to get easy baskets cost the Clippers wins

The Clippers need to get more points in the paint and in transition.

The Clippers are playing the long game at the expense of wins

How is that affecting their place in the standings?

The Clippers showcased their depth in a perfect week

Lou Williams stepped up as the Clippers took care of business against a slate of lottery-bound teams.

The Clippers weren’t built to be a one-star team

And without their second star, their collective estimation around the league has gone down.

Say hello to the best team in the league

The Clippers have the best record in the NBA, but are they recognized as the premier team?

Clippers still aren’t seen as best team in NBA

They come in at No. 2 in most rankings