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Clippers Sneakers

Why is Paul George wearing PG1s and Kobes instead of the PG6?

The Clippers superstar has been seen wearing Kobe’s for most of the season.

A couple of new signature shoes decorate the Clippers’ on-court looks

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George release the newest editions of their signature shoe line.

Clippers Sneaker Watch: The heat has moved to the team’s bench

Casual sneakers are supposed to look better than hoop shoes, after all.

Clippers Sneaker Watch: L.A.’s on-foot magic is now on full display

The Clippers have stepped up both their on-court game and sneaker game.

How was the Clippers’ sneaker game on opening night?

The Warriors outplayed the Clippers on the court and with their shoe game.

Ranking the Clippers’ best player-exclusive and signature shoes

These Clippers, former and present, knew how to look good and play well.