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Clippers Videos

Watch: Steve Ballmer and Mark Cuban on Kiss Cam

Does this mean the Clippers and Mavericks have kissed and made up?

Watch: How to Handle the Ball Like CP3

Watch: Blake Griffin, Fun With Emojis

Red Bull teams ups with Blake Griffin for some Emoji Fun.

Blake Griffin, Superfly 4s and Marvin the Martian

I love basketball, basketball shoes, and Looney Tunes cartoons. So the new Blake Griffin commercial for the Superfly 4 that features Marvin the Martian is right in my wheelhouse.

Music Video: Tyran Brown - Larry (Clippers Anthem)

Check out this new Clippers anthem by Tyran Brown. The song is titled "Larry".

DeAndre Jordan puts Brook Lopez on his poster

As the Clippers were running roughshod over the Nets, this happened.

Clippers player introduction video

The best part of the Oklahoma City game on Thursday night may have been the pre-game introduction videos. The Clippers are among the teams using a floor projection system that is, in a word, spectacular.

Blake's newest poster may be his best

Los Angeles has not been kind to Kris Humphries the last few years, but in a history of humiliating moments, Wednesday night may have been the worst one.

Blake Griffin posterizes Ryan Hollins

The latest member of the Blake Griffin Poster Club is his very own teammate, Ryan Hollins, who found himself between Blake and a putback dunk on Monday night.

Video from Clips Nation Night 2013

Once again, Citizen Carlos Cee brought his camera to Clips Nation Night and captured the festivities. He makes us look good -- or he tries anyway. He's not a magician.

NBA Christmas Day pajaniforms are here!

The NBA's Christmas Day uniforms just keep getting weirder and weirder. But the commercials are pretty damn good.

Here's a weekly Clippers highlight reel

Clippers fan MaxaMillion711 has a YouTube channel where he creates a weekly highlight reel about the Clippers. Here is episode two this season, the first episode including regular season games. Enjoy.

When you know you've nailed your question

Blake Griffin gave a great answer to my question, but I couldn't help noticing Chris Paul's reaction.

New Clippers sleeved jersey leaked

NBA 2K14 is set to arrive next week, but leaked footage from the game has revealed the Clippers new powder blue sleeved uniform.

Video Breakdown -- Chris Paul Step Back Move

Coach Collin Castellaw at Shot Mechanics is the newest YouTube partner of SBNation. His video breakdowns of shooting techniques and mechanics are some of the best on the web. In his latest video, he analyzes Chris Paul's step back jumper.

Coach Nick, Steve Discuss Clips on BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick and Steve Perrin of Clips Nation discuss all things Clippers in the latest edition of NBA Insider on the BBall Breakdown YouTube Channel.

Billups to Jordan -- The pass of the year?

Chauncey Billups' behind the back pass to DeAndre Jordan Tuesday night was a game changer, and if there's been a better pass in the NBA this season, I haven't seen it.

Spectacular Clippers dunks versus Sixers

The Clippers put up highlight reel dunks almost every game, but every once in a while they have a game that reshuffles the top 10, and Monday was just such a game.

Eric Bledsoe blocks Martell Webster, fools referee

Eric Bledsoe has made a habit of recording highlight reel blocked shots this season, but the referees in Washington on Monday night weren't prepared for this.

SBNation's NBA midpoint season review

Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge / SBNation / Sports Illustrated hands out first half grades in the Western Conference. One L.A. team got an A+ and one got an F. Can you guess which is which?

Watch: Get ready for the second Battle of L.A.

To preview the upcoming Clippers- Lakers game, I'm doing a Google+ Hangout with TheGreatMambino, a writer over at our sister blog, Silver Screen and Roll.

Highlight Video for the Clippers Streak

The Clippers' franchise-best 17 game winning streak is now over, but you can relive it here.

A Christmas Message from Citizen IanKobe

Ian is a longtime citizen of Clips Nation and a Clippers season ticket holder. He has decided to give away his Christmas Day seats next week on his YouTube channel. See the video for the details.

More Clips Nation Night video

Be sure and check out this very slick video from Saturday's Clips Nation Night basketball tournament.

Will Billups get a flop warning?

Chauncey Billups drew a foul attempting a three pointer late in the Clippers victory in Utah Monday night. It was a crucial play in the Clippers comeback -- it was also a flop.

Video from Clips Nation Night

Our Clips Nation Night basketball tournament at STAPLES Center after Saturday Clippers-Kings game was a lot of fun. Here is some video of the games I played in.

Clippers-Thunder Video Preview

I sat down with J.A. Sherman, Manager and Editor of Welcome To Loud City, to talk about both the Clippers and the Thunder so far this season, and to look specifically at tonight's big matchup between the two.

How the Clippers sliced up the Heat

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown (who is now an SBNation affiliate) looks at the Heat-Clippers game from Wednesday night and sees a lot of things to like about the Clippers offense and a lot of things to dislike about the Heat's defense.

Bledsoe stuffs Wade at rim

Last year it was Bledsoe blocking LeBron down low. This year he notched this massive block on Dwyane Wade. Watch out Bosh -- you're next.

DeAndre Jordan's spider prank

DeAndre Jordan has a YouTube web series called "Got 'em" where he plays pranks on people, sort of Candid Camera with a seven foot Allen Funt (ask you folks Lucas). In this episode he's got a remote control spider.

Clips-Spurs: The QBL webcast with J.R. Wilco, 8:30

Join us here at 8:30 Tuesday evening for a live webcast of my Questionable Blogger Live webcast with J.R. Wilco from the Spurs blog Pounding the Rock.

Clips-Cavs Video Preview: Hanging with Mr. Kaz

Stop by at noon to watch live as I chat with Conrad Kaczmarek, editor of SB Nation's Cavs blog Fear the Sword. We'll get caught up on the Cavs and see if we can figure out just how great Kyrie Irving is going to be.