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Clips Nation Night is almost here!

Saturday night after the Clippers beat the Kings, the citizens of Clips Nation will descend on the STAPLES Center court for some basketball of their own. Here's everything you need to know.

Tomorrow night at STAPLES Center will be Clips Nation Night. For those of you who bought tickets and signed up to play on the Clippers court after the game thank you. Here's what you need to know.

We won't be doing anything in particular before the game. This get together is all about the court time afterwards. So go to the game, enjoy yourselves, hopefully the Clippers will play well and will get a win. It's the Kings so provided the Clippers don't take them too lightly it should be a good result.

At the conclusion of the game, we'll meet on the first level outside of section 112. We'll verify who everybody is at that time, assign teams and head down to the court. It looks like we'll have eight teams of about 7 or 8 players each -- which is just about right.

Be sure to wear or bring everything you need to be able to play -- especially the proper shoes with non-marking soles! Please also bring two shirts -- one light and one dark -- so that we might be able to tell who is on whose team. A reversible jersey works for that as well of course.

It will be a little hectic getting organized so we can start playing, so please be polite and patient. People will be changing, we'll be organizing teams -- there's a lot to do, and the sooner we get it done the more time we'll have to play.

As a reminder, we'll be playing a three round tournament. The first round and semi-final games will be half court, and the final will run full court. If all goes well, each game will run about 12 to 15 minutes. I doesn't sound like a lot, but unless you've played full court recently (and I mean full court, as in NBA size) you'll get plenty tired.

See you there tomorrow night, outside section 112 on the Main Concourse after the game!