Chris Paul emerges as potential NBA players president –


Mixed feelings about this if it is true...Might take too much time away from his on-court? I don't blame the union for wanting him at the head seat. The guy is smart, well versed and dresses the part. What say you?

Hey, coming over from GSOM...who do you think will be the best point guard in the league two years...


Hey, coming over from GSOM...who do you think will be the best point guard in the league two years from now?!

Brand new CP3 mix. Really well done.


Brand new CP3 mix. Really well done.

ESPN: Clippers vow to protect Blake Griffin


DeAndre Jordan especially. He must have heard Charles Barkley's rant on Inside The NBA. "The game is physical and Blake is a physical player. As long as it's above board I think we're all fine with it but when he's up in the air, shots like he took against Phoenix are a big concern. [...] Maybe we have to do a better job with hard fouls and different things but hopefully we can use that to our advantage if we get free throws and technical fouls on our side but it's a different system than all those people talk about. Of course we want to protect everybody and send a message and all this stuff but it's really about playing the right way, playing hard and playing physical. As these games go on, it's only going to get more physical." - Vinny Del Negro (excerpt taken from said article)

Jarrod Rudolph talks Dwight Howard on 740 the Game


Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM broke the story of Dwight Howard opting in on the final year of his contract at the trade deadline. Jarrod now believes that Dwight Howard has played his final game for the Orlando Magic and will seek a fresh start on a new team...

LA Times: Fouls on Blake Griffin become too hard to ignore

The Clippers' Blake Griffin doesn't make many friends with his highlight dunks, and it's showing in the rough treatment opponents are giving him. 'He better not get hurt,' Chris Paul says. Click the link to read Clippers beat writer Brad Turner's article!

2012 Amnesty Primer


Someone on this planet made a primer for each team on who they can amnesty this summer, who's most realistic, and what will most likely happen. Knowing you, read the Clippers section by clicking the link or just read below. Also, click the link to read who may be amnestied this summer for the Clippers and Olshey to pick up. For the Clippers: Los Angeles Clippers Players Eligible for amnesty: Mo Williams, Blake Griffin, Ryan Gomes, Eric Bledsoe Reasonable candidates for amnesty: Ryan Gomes, Mo Williams Most likely amnesty decision: Not use it. Donald Sterling will not use the amnesty to open himself up to spending more money. The final season of Gomes’ or Williams’ deal could end up being a compelling option depending on where the tax line is, yet we all know the most likely decision.